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Saint Vincent - Aosta Valley- Italy

Atelier "Chi Cerca Trova"

interno atelierCristina nel suo negozioIn the “atelier” “Chi cerca trova” one can buy or even order objects for home, bowl , trays, cups, jars etc. in wood, porcelain, or ceramic, various panels and objects to decorate environments  personalized with various types of decorations: classic flower or fruit compositions, particular representations of animals, cats, dogs, cows, owls, foxes etc.. or subjects symbolically tied to the territory such as the image of a heart.

oggettiThe new line “Bois –Collage” includes pictures, panels, lamps and Tatà-To.
Alongside the artistic-craftsman range a small assortment of commercial objects.

Atelier Chi Cerca Trova


Atelier I will be happy to show other works, come and visit me at my studio :

Saint-Vincent (Aosta Valley - Italy)

Mobile: +39 340.9007809




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