Cristina Cancellara

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Saint Vincent - Aosta Valley- Italy


bois-collagePanels and pictures made with different landscapes using old part of fodder-troughs ,beams, planks of Larix recuperated from abandoned sheds and mountain shacks, on which are fixed wooden shapes of contrasting and vivid colours..

To the floral or traditional subjects tied to the territory, such as TatĂ  are approached to materials that lose their original value to become purely decorative details: colors cardboard, shaped copper pipes, golden insect nets, forged metal inserts...


Tata-toTatà, is better known as the horse with wheels, one of few toys owned by children of the agro-pastoral community in the Valle d’Aosta before the economic boom.

 Built by parents and grandparents using bits of wood taking inspiration from  nature and everyday life,  they became a precious document to discover the habits of life as well as the economic conditions of those days.

Today,  Tatà has disappeared as a ludic symbol but continues to live as an artistic object within the work of local craftsmen. Along with traditional wood, other materials such as ceramic, metal, terracotta… together with the symbolic horse, cows, cocks, sheep and mountain goats are side by side...